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The Naumon´s Mermaid

The figurehead

for the boat Naumon of the artistic group "La Fura dels Baus".
In charge of Carlos Padrissa, stage director of the Fura, for the "cultural container" Naumon, a 70 meter icebreaker that has adapted its cellar as the scene of all kinds of cultural events.


Project realized for the Fundacion Meridional .Goddess of the family and guardian of destiny. One story relates that when she saw that her tribe was losing a battle, she offered herself as a sacrifice to save her people, and was buried alive on the battlefield; her tribe was saved.


"Who stays at home, dies at home"

The tagelmust (also known as cheich or cheche) is an indigo-dyed cotton garment, with the appearance of both a veil and a turban.

Among the Tuareg, men who wear the tagelmust are called Kel Tagelmust, or "People of the Veil". The tagelmust is worn only by adult males, and only taken off in the presence of close family. Tuareg men often find shame in showing their mouth or nose to strangers or people of a higher standing than themselves, and have been known to hide their features using their hands if a tagelmust is unavailable. The tagelmust has other cultural significance, as the manner in which it is wrapped and folded is often used to show clan and regional origin, and the darkness to which it is dyed showing the wealth of the wearer.

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